When we hear the term ‘MediaMix’, we don’t even know what to think of. The fact that the term has anything to do with paintings is even more unknown to most. Truth is, it does indeed.

The expression ‘MediaMix’ is used for artwork that is created by using mixed techniques.

Therefore, a ‘MediaMix’ is a painting that is made not on the usual white canvas, but on a printed version. The print can be anything: a previously painted artwork, or even parts of an artwork, on which the artist builds up the final painting.

On the prepared print layer new, golden and other painted layers are formed, receiving additional content with the extra depth of field, therefore creating a sort of 3D visual effect for the viewer.

With this method, Tamás Náray presents a new experience for the visitors of the exhibition. According to his credo, a work can only be finished, it can never be completed: since the themes he cares about do not cease to exist once a piece of work is done, they open up new possibilities for new interpretations. For this, Naray’s Media Mix collection, bearing his signature techniques and unique approach, can be considered a rebirth of the topics he is most passionate about.

The first MediaMix exhibition of Tamás Náray, titled REPOSITION, was being held in Switzerland, where the audience could view the works for a half a year in the Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski of the picturesque town of St. Moritz.

The material of the exhibition revolve around the three themes of the parent exhibitions. In the first room, works of the 'Old Testament’ collection can be seen, in the second the ‘New Horizon’ paintings are displayed and in the third, the greatly successful ‘Mesopotamia, the Legend of the Ancient World’ pieces reside, all in Media Mix form.

TamIstArte Art Gallery opened almost three years ago to the day.

We have had an eventful three years: 

two exhibitions in Budapest, exhibitions in Switzerland, Spain and Italy, a virtual exhibition, many customers, interested parties and followers...

In the meantime, of course, the gallery has been visited by many people - both domestic and foreign visitors have been amazed by the works of Tamás Náray, which we are proud to show to our visitors every time.

Thank you for your continued interest and the many positive comments. Without you, the energy we invest would be worthless!

The mixed media painting exhibition seasons came to a close this spring, fortuitously coinciding with our gallery's third birthday 

(the artist's absolute favourite number is 3!).

Painting these mixed media artworks was a unique and unrepeatable artistic expression by Tamás Náray.
To celebrate our third birthday, and because the artist's favourite number is 3, 

we are now offering the chance to buy mixed media paintings at a 30% discount.

Please note that the artist will not be painting any more mixed media paintings in the near future, 

nor any time in the future, so we will only be able to sell the works currently on the website.

Consequently, this festive discount is only valid while "stock" lasts or until withdrawn.