TamIstArte Art Gallery proudly presents:

Anna Ábrahám

The Hungarian artist is known for her images of birds inspired by Japanese aesthetics placed in ethereal landscapes. Her works are characterized by mysterious charm and delicacy, the main theme of her paintings is the ever-changing nature. Her intention is to inspire the viewer to achieve and maintain a serene life. Her favourite motifs are birds, which symbolize the immortal soul, the free soaring of the spirit and the celestial ascent in several cultures.

Artworks of Anna Ábrahám

Dalma Göncz

Dalma Göncz lives and works in Budapest. Concrete, the material used for the artistic creation itself, is an important mean of expressing her thoughts, feelings and messages. Concrete plays an important role in both the creating the texture and the theme itself, through which her pieces unlike traditional two- dimensional paintings, become three-dimensional instead.

Instead of flat plane, the application of creatively malleable forms and textures of concrete leads to a whole new world in the fine arts. Concrete, its installation on canvas, and the daring usage of colours encourage the creator to constantly experiment and innovate. Its plasticity encapsulates an infinite design, figurativeness and non-figurativeness. For the creation of Dalma’s works, initially, external influences, emotions and thoughts provide guidance and creative desire, which lies within her as a core of pictorial ideas. This intuitive inner image, that is constantly contoured on the canvas and then the initial tangle becomes a harmonious whole.

Artworks of Dalma Göncz

Kata Kánya

Actress, radio and television presenter, ceramicist

Artworks of Kata Kánya

Erzsébet Sárközy

Painter Erzsébet Sárközy was awarded on several occasions for her artistic activities; in 2001 in Sweden, again in 2006 in Kyoto, and she also received the prize of the Hungarian Paneuropean Union (MPUE). In 2011 she was given 1st prize for her creative work by the National Society of Fine and Applied Arts (OKIT). In 2021 her work was recognized with the ‘For The Culture of Cegléd City’ award.

Her most important exhibitions:

1984    Cegléd
1986    Hungarocoop Gallery, Budapest
1987    Blaskovich Museum, Tápiószele
1993    Sebestyén Gallery, Aachen
2002   “Szinesztézia”, Eschweiler, Németország

Her works can be found in various private (Aachen, Munich, Budapest, Cegléd) and public (Kirsten Museum, Denmark) collection.

Artworks of Erzsébet Sárközy

Olya Tereschuk

Olya is an artist born in Russia, currently lives in Budapest, Hungary. She has studied in art school when she was a kid, holds a bachelor’s degree in Design. Although that gave her necessary art skills, she is still considering herself a self-taught artist. As her creative process and education are mostly intuitive and driven by her own need to express her feelings and need to create. Creativity in its different forms was always a part of her life, but seven years ago she’s decided to take a path of a full-time artist.

When she started her art journey she was mostly working with watercolors and portraits, and as her practice grew and developed she came to what excites her the most: raw canvas and fibers, water mediums, stained washes opposed

to graphical machine or hand embroidery. The artworks are expressing her love to nature in its power and serenity in the same time: fog, moody skies, mountains, rain and storm are her favorite subjects to paint.

The purpose of her creative journey is to find harmony in every piece. Textures, colors, shapes, touch balancing all of it is what her practice stands on. And if looking at her artworks you feel a little bit more serene – that’s it, she’s succeeded.

Artworks of Olya Tereschuk

Krisztina Zékány

Graphic designer, visual artist.

Krisztina started her studies at the Painting Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1992 under the mentoring of Zsigmond Károlyi.

In 1994 after switching faculties she continued at the Graphics Department and received her diploma there in 1997.

From 1997 till 2018 she worked as a director and visual brand consultant.

From 2018 she turns back to authentic imaging and starts working again as a painter.

On her canvas she evokes the spiritual form of existence of the flora and fauna through her sacral, illustrative, colorist, quite picturesque, imaginative approach.

Artworks of Krisztina Zékány